Free First Time Home Buyer Information – Classes

Free First Time Home Buyer Information and Classes

Getting first time home buyer information isn't easy. Its a confusing process especially when you first start out. As Denvers number one expert in first time home buyers I see the struggles on a daily basis and have created tools to help! I've created some very useful and helpful tools for first time home buyers. If you live in Denver we offer free classes once a month to the general public! Read on for more detailed information.

First Time Home Buyer Information

FIrst time home buyer information is all located at the link below. Please check out the free content and take the comprehensive buyer test.

First Time Home Buyer Classes.

The first time home buying classes that I host are all located in and around the Denver Metro area. They are completely free to attend and have very detailed knowledge about the buying process and the steps to purchasing your first home. You can also request a free buyers consultation with me to discuss the next steps and see how quickly we can get you into your first home! Check out our youtube channel for more information as well as the link for tools for first time home buyers!


If you're looking for properties remember that my website is the best tool for viewing all active properties. It's updated by the Denver MLS on a daily basis!



How Does A Real Estate Agent Price a Home?

How Does a Real Estate Agent Price My Home?

Its a great question! There are many different ways in which agents price homes but, first we need to understand two things. Market Value and Market Price. Market Price is the way agents price homes. We find the most probable market price and choose this as the listing price. Market Value is the price in which the market actually will pay for it. Confusing? Let me explain, Market Value is simply what someone will actually pay for the home (offer). 


Now that we're clear on that, the most common way if you live an area where are there are many similar homes is to pull properties from different areas that have recenetly sold. Real estate agents will then assess multiple things to determine prices. Things they look at our number of bedrooms & bathrooms, square footage, updates of the house, location of the home and lot, and if there are any things that may lower the price. The second way to price a home is by factoring the building costs to recreate the structure plus the market value of the lot. This method is used if there are very few comparables or nothing comparable to value the home by. Once the  real estate agent has priced the home he/she will choose the best market value or the most probable price it will sell for. Pricing is a very key componet into how long a home will sit on the market.