Denver Market Update – February

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Febuary Denver Market Update

The Denver Febuary real estate market update. The Denver market this month is still following the same trend as we saw last year. We very well could be onto another record breaking and setting year. With still few homes on the market, 6 times less than this time in January 2006, and many buyers looking for properties.


Last year during the spring and summer months Denver saw some of the fewest average days on market that this city has ever seen. With over a hundred thousand people moving into the Denver metro area over the past two years there is a massive demand for homes! The only issue is there are not that many homes being built and or sold. This causes many homes to go into bid wars and leaves many buyers out of the market who are perfectly qualfied. The economists I've all spoken with estimate that we will have just as crazy if not more crazy spring and summer in the Denver market. I've seen many buyers lose their offers in these crazy times. 

Is it really this crazy…?

Not if you have the right agent! The wrong agent will make you feel like the market is hectic and that your offer is just the same as the others that have submitted. The right agent usse tactics, strategy, and strong negotian skills to win over a contract. I mean cmon its 2016 right? Anyone can figure out how to put an offer in on a house. Not everyone can figure out how to writing a winning offer over and over again. With my extensive experience in negotians and problem solving. I work with my buyers to find the most creative way to make our offer stand out and give the seller reassurance. Work with me to see how I can win you your dream house amongest many other offers. Learn more about why Im the best real estate agent in Denver.